Longueuil, Quebec, Canada – MENODYS is proud to announce that the TekniSlush System has been acquired and will be used, for the first time by the CHUM in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The TekniSlush System enables the automated production of large volumes of sterile saline slush needed for the preservation of organs and tissues associated with transplant procedures.

Invented by Dr Pierre Marsolais, internal medicine specialist, intensivist at the Sacré-Coeur Hospital of Montreal, the Teknislush System, a Quebec innovation, has been developed jointly with MENODYS, and is designed as a module to automate the transformation of up to 12 bags of 1 litre of sterile saline into slush in less than 2 hours without human intervention.

“The benefits of having access to an automated technology for the production of large volumes a sterile saline surgical slush has had a tremendous positive impact on the workload and planning for the organ collection and transplant teams” said René Gosselin, President of MENODYS.

MENODYS is also announcing that the commercialization of the TekniSlush System will be assured by TekniScience of Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada. Inquiries on the TekniSlush System are to be directed to info@tekniscience.com.


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