Tinnitus Assessment Technology

Technology description

The Tinnitus Assessment Technology is a hardware and software device allowing the patient, himself, to assess the frequency and amplitude of his tinnitus within 10 minutes and thus allowing the audiologist to precisely define the best symptom attenuation protocol for the patient’s tinnitus.



Prototyping and clinical validation completed in October 2015.

Objective Tinnitus assessment of pitch, loudness, minimum masking level and residual inhibition in August 2018.

1. Sylvie Hébert and Philippe Fournier, Frontiers in Neurology, February 2017, vol. 8, article 38 Clinical validation of a new tinnitus assessment technology.

2. Basile et al., PLOS One, December 2013, vol. 8 (12) Psychoacoustic assessment to improve tinnitus diagnosis.

3. Fournier et Hébert, Hearing Research, 2012 Gap detection deficits in humans with tinnitus as assessed with the acoustic startle paradigm: Does tinnitus fill in the gap?

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Lead inventors are: Pr Sylvie Hébert and Dr Philippe Fournier of the University of Montreal BRAMS, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

1. September 2018 – MENODYS announces a publication in JAMA Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery

2. August 2018 – MENODYS announces the addition of 2 new features to its Tinnitus Assessment Technology

3. March 2017 – MENODYS announces de recruitment of the last tinnitus patient in the MENODYS-INNOV research project

4. February 2017 – MENODYS announces the publication in Frontiers in Neurology of the clinical validation results of its Tinnitus Assessment Technology

5. December 2015 – MENODYS’s Tinnitus Assessment Technology featured in medGadget’s Ear, Nose and Throat Diagnostic and Surgical Devices Pipeline Review 2015

6. September 2015 – Launching of Clinical Validation of the Tinnitus Assessment Technology

7. April 2015 – Launching of Prototyping of the Tinnitus Assessment Technology

Tinninus Assessment Technology