The LT10G™ Surgical Magnetic Mat

Technology description

The Less Than 10 Gauss Surgical Magnetic Mat is a reusable product used in the operating room as a sterile neutral field for the safe placement and exchange of surgical instruments thus minimizing transfer of sharp instruments. The innovative, patented, feature of the LT10G™ is that it generates less than 10 Gauss at its undersurface, and as such, minimizes risks of magnetic interference with electronic implants worn by a patient going through a surgical procedure.

Operating Room Product

Operating Room Sharp Safety Instrument

The LT10G™ is commercialized worldwide since September 2014.

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Available for Licensing

Canadian patent awarded in October 2018 (Patent 2,803,194 Magnetic Drape Reducing Magnetic Interferences eg. in surgical applications)

USPTO patent awarded in January 2016 (Patent 9,232,976 Magnetic Interference Reducing Surgical Drape).

Patent pending in Europe.

Lead inventors are Dr Louis-Philippe Fortier and Dr Valérie Zaphiratos of Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

1. October 2018 – LT10G is granted a Canadian Patent

2. October 2016 – A new publication shows the safety advantages of the LT10G over 4 commercially available surgical magnetic mat in minimizing magnetic interferences on implantable cardiovascular devices

3. March 2016 – LT10G™ obtains US patent

4. June 2015 – LT10G™ to be showcased at the AQLASS 2015 meeting

5. January 2015 – HMR

LT10 Surgical Magnetic Mat