Scar Appearance Minimizing Device

Technology description

The Scar Appearance Minimizing Device is a disposable device to be used twice a day once scar sutures have been removed. The device generates a set tension force on the scar which reduces the release of TGF-ß1, a promoter of the development of collagen. As such, the device minimizes the scar appearance.

Field of Use

Wound care


Surgically induced scars (C-section, thoracic surgery scar, abdominoplasty scar, breast reduction, …)  and accident-induced scars.

Development Status

Clinical abdominoplasty model: Initiated in April 2015.

Data Supporting the Technology

Preclinical mice scar model completed.

Commercial Partners

Not yet partnered.

Intellectual Property

Patent pending, the Scar Appearance Minimizing Device is in National phases in North America, Europe and Brazil.

Lead inventors are: Dr Jonathan Kanevsky, Dr Mirko Gilardino, Pr. Satya Prakash of McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Regulatory Status

Class I device