Real-Time Noninvasive Ultrasound Imaging Monitoring of Red Blood Cells Aggregation as a marker of inflammation

Technology description

Continuous Red Blood Cells (RBC) monitoring can characterize the evolving  inflammatory response during high-risk surgical procedures or critical care situations.  This patented technology uses high frequency ultrasound monitoring of  RBC aggregation as a real-time noninvasive monitoring technique to anticipate related inflammatory complications to better manage patient care.

Field of Use

Ultrasound Medical Imaging


Noninvasive ultrasound imaging monitoring of RBC aggregation as a surrogate marker of inflammation

Development Status

Preclinical concept demonstrated and published in 2013

Human clinical proof of principle forecasted for 2018

Data Supporting the Technology

Tripette J. et al. Crit Care Med. 2013 Aug; 41(8): e171-8 Ultrasound monitoring of RBC aggregation as a real-time marker of the inflammatory response in a cardiopulmonary bypass swine model

Commercial Partners

Available for licensing

Intellectual Property

System and method for ultrasound scatter characterization. US Patent 8,915,852 Granted December 23, 2014

Method and system of ultrasound scatter characterization. US Patent 9,389,204 Granted July 12, 2016;  EP Pending; CA Pending

Lead inventor is: Pr. Guy Cloutier, Director, Laboratory of Biorheology and Medical Ultrasonics, University of Montreal Hospital Center – Research Center

Regulatory Status

To be determined

News about the ultrasound RBC aggregation monitoring

Coming soon